About Our Producer


Sharon Knight
Hexenfest founder Sharon Knight is a musician who travels for several months out of each year with her husband and musical conspirator, Winter, singing for all who yearn for a touch of enchantment. They play at many different festivals devoted to Faerie, Mythic, Pagan, Steampunk, and fantasy culture. Based on her experiences as a festival artist, Sharon developed the vision for Hexenfest, and seeks to create an event that is a treat for performers and attendees alike. 

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About Isis Oasis

Isis Oasis was originally the home of the Bahai School for 70 years, and later was owned by John Muir’s grandson. In the center of the property is a 400+ year old Russian Fir tree, which the famous arborist Luther Burbank marveled at. Isis Oasis Sanctuary itself was founded in 1978, by Priestess of Isis Loreon Vigne. Before that time, Loreon was a successful artist and business owner, with two locations in San Francisco, specializing in enamels and stained glass. Much of the artistry and beautiful stained glass decorating the buildings are her work. Groups use the space for retreats, workshops, weddings, concerts, and a myriad of other activities. Now, over three decades later, Isis Oasis has provided for thousands of people a positive, magical, and memorable experience. The current director of Isis Oasis is deTraci Regula, Priestess of Isis.

About Off-Site Lodging

The best bet for attending Hexenfest is to stay onsite with one of our lodging packages: camping, dorm, or private room. However, if you'd like to stay offsite and explore wine country while you are in the area, you might try:

Booking.com for Hotels

AirBnB for private home rentals