Our Festival

Hexenfest is a music and arts festival dedicated to exploring the intersection of art and magic. Myth and legend, folklore and fairytale, experiences of the numinous, all find a home here. We celebrate artists who explore the wild unknown, those who look to the realms of myth and dream and reflect their otherworldly visions into our world.

Hexenfest has a flair for the darkly exotic. We describe our aesthetic as "Bohemian-Gothic', evoking the forbidden forest as much as the enchanted wood. Though our costumes may have darker themes, we are family friendly! If you feel at home in dark fairytales, join us in the realm!

Sharon and Paul of Pandemonaeon (photo credit: EMB Studios).

Sharon and Paul of Pandemonaeon (photo credit: EMB Studios).

Our Venue Has Changed!

We are now at Saratoga Springs
10243 Saratoga Springs Road
Upper Lake, CA 95485

We have outgrown our site of the last three years, Isis Oasis, and in 2019 will be hosting Hexenfest at Saratoga Springs in Lake County. Saratoga Springs hosts retreats up to 1200 people year-round, and is well equipped to accommodate our group of 200-300. You can view more pics via the button below, and also visit their website here: https://www.saratogasprings.com

Our History

Hexenfest was founded in 2012 by a musician (Sharon Knight) and a dancer/artist (Anaar) in response to the lack of Pagan-themed music and arts festivals in California. After several years of touring similar festivals all over the country, the founding members had a desire to bring their own festival vision home to Northern California. Hexenfest began as a one-night club event in Oakland, and has since expanded to a weekend festival. 

Over the years, we have featured artists such as Ego Likeness, Wendy Rule, SJ Tucker, Stellamara, Sharon Knight, Nathaniel Johnstone and Tempest, Unwoman, Pandemonaeon, Razor Skyline, Arcane Dimension, and Daniel Skellington. From day one, Hexenfest has sought out musicians, dancers, and artists who open us to experiences of the otherworldly and mythic. 

KaliShakti brings in the wild goddess.
(Photo Credit: Arni Thorvaldsson (Prince ArThor), AKA Thor).

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors make it possible to keep Hexenfest affordable and intimate while still paying our performers fairly. Come meet them, and give them some love!

Creating Our Culture;
Diversity and Consent at HF

Are you a good fit for Hexenfest? Please read our statement on diversity and consent, as well as our general guidelines and rules. If they make you say “Hell Yes!” we’d love to have you join us!