Awd Dog Studios

Knotty Wares are functional sculpture. Have your tea in a tree.

B. Coole Designs

Textiles: patches, parasols,and fans. Because i make all of my own wares, I can make designs that reach those with unique interests. I make image patches especially for those that have found the call of some of the lesser known panthia

Birth, Death and Other Fairytales

I love playing with the amazing shapes,colors,and textures that nature provides to create new creatures - & - adornments for the already existing creatures that we are! No animals are harmed in order to make these creations. They are my way of honoring the extraordinary beauty of nature.

Bless is More

Your one stop empowerment shop for the gods and goddesses of all walks of life. We specialize in handcrafted leather headpieces, jewelry and sacred ceremonial tools for your personal magick and medicine rituals.

Boho Gypsys Treasures

Handcrafted jewelry inspired by the sea!

Eyescream Jewelry

Dynamic Jewelry to inspire your muse. Handcrafted one of a kind works of wearable art.

Forge and Fountain

Unique jewelry, apotropaic jewelry and charms, handforged offering bowls and spoons, tarot decks, art

Hummingbird Honey

Deep Tissue Massage and Magical Herbal Items for Body and Soul

Icon Alchemy

Icon Alchemy is the creative vehicle of Madame Ximon, a divinatory artist using art and oracular traditions to assist cultural creatives in embodying the change we wish to see in our world. Icon Alchemy features divinatory art and hand-stitched herbal dream pillows, alongside Madame Ximon’s deeply transformative Tarot and astrology readings.

MerWytch Apothecary

Folk medicine from the earth and sea, with tinctures salves and bath tea. Ritual tools for might and sight, and tea supplies to brew it right!

Spiritual and intentional gifts that support your path towards healing, wholeness, and delight. We bask in the pleasure of keeping the Goddess alive!

Sakkara Clothing

Dance-oriented streetwear. Amazing fit, luscious fabrics, and quality construction since 2010.

Sharon Knight

Drawing on imagery from fairytale and folklore, Sharon Knight creates whimsical fantasy mermaids using water colors, colored pencils and pens, decoupage, and decorative papers.

Sophia Sheree Rosales

handcrafted sigil jewelry from bog oak and bone.

Three Witches Designs

Handmade jewelry and occult tools