Diversity & Consent Statement

Hexenfest welcomes people of all races, sexual orientations, genders, ages, physical abilities, and traditions. If you identify as witchy in any way, enjoy being with others who share a view of an interconnected, living world, and love music and the arts, Hexenfest welcomes you to attend.

We do not tolerate racism, sexism, transphobia, elitism, ageism, ableism, or any activity based in bigotry and othering at Hexenfest. Maintaining a safe space for our attendees is of utmost importance to us. If an issue arises between attendees, we will discuss the issue with those involved, and seek to rectify the situation privately. Any person engaging in acts of bigotry, bullying, hostility, or harassment will be asked to leave, without a refund.

Hexenfest is a Consent Culture event. We require attendees and participants to seek proactive, positive, and confirmed responses of “Yes” before touching anyone or their property, taking anyone’s picture, consuming any libation, engaging in sexual activity, or otherwise entering another person’s physical or energetic space.

This co-created space is a work in progress. We welcome feedback to help us continue to grow a culture where all participants feel safe, heard, and valued. We invite your contribution in making Hexenfest a microcosm of the world we want to live in - a world that celebrates and values a rich diversity of people, arts, and culture. Let us respect each other, and look after one another!

General Policies and Rules:

1) NO CAMPSITE FIRES! California experiences EXTRME FIRE DANGER this time of year. Fires are restricted to specific locations, and only at the discretion of Saratoga Springs! (We may be able to have a fire in the fire pit if winds are not high).

2) Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

3) Alcohol is permitted with discretion and use of your own drinking vessel. All legal substances (including vape pens) are permitted in outdoor areas only, with the exception of the Pool area, which is substance-free.

4) Cars will be permitted to unload at campsites, then must park in a nearby designated area.

5) Children under 9 attend free. All children must be supervised at all times.

6) There is no lifeguard on duty. All children in pool must be CLOSELY supervised by parents at all times!

7) Pool and hot tub are clothing optional.

8) Bathrooms are co-ed/gender neutral. While they say “Women” and “Men”, we allow everyone to decide for themselves which bathroom they are most comfortable using.

9) Please pack out as much of your own trash as you can. Let’s make this a zero waste zone!.

10) A meal plan is available for an additional fee, with “Omnivore”, “Vegetarian”, “Vegan”, “Omni Gluten-Free”, and “Veg/Gluten-Free as the options. Please contact us if you have specific concerns or allergies. Brunch and dinner are served as part of the meal plan, but no lunches. Please contact us if you have specific concerns or allergies. You may bring your own food, but no cooking is allowed at campsites. There will be a modest outdoor kitchen set up for those not on the meal plan. Coolers and snacks are encouraged.  

11) Parking is limited. We encourage carpooling as much as possible. Fill up your cars with other friendly Pagans! Ride-shares can be organized in the Facebook group.

12) Prepare for the possibility of poison oak. Nature is a harsh mistress.

13) You will be asked to sign a waiver of liability, and a photo release upon arrival. Photo release is so that we may use “face in the crowd” photos for future Hexenfest promotions. No specific photos will be taken without express consent.

14) You will be asked to acknowledge your understanding of our policy on Diversity and Consent as part of registration. 

15) Consent must be asked for and granted before taking anyone’s photo.

16) No weapons other than a basic pocket knife or utility tool for use with camping gear. Ritual athames will be accepted, but need to be checked at registration.