Ancient Circles popular, unusual and hard-to-find items include Goddess images, Ceremonial wear, Druid Robe, Wizard robe, Wizard cloak, Dragon Fairy wing skirt and fairy tunic and Pagan jewelry. 

Banshee Arts

Art and witcheries by Morpheus Ravenna and friends. Tattooing services, aftercare products for your tattoo, we also art objects, crafts, talismans, apparel, and other creations.

Magical art, CDs, and other merchandise from some of Hexenfest's headliners!

Spiritual and intentional gifts that support your path towards healing, wholeness, and delight. We bask in the pleasure of keeping the Goddess alive! 

Sakkara Clothing

Deconstructed subterranean appeal. Sustainable, slow fashion women’s dance wear, street and festival wear.  

A hand-built vardo wagon serving Turkish coffee, tarot and rune readings, and various handmade crafts by Raven Lakins.

Sidhefire Arts is the physical manifestation of the artistic notions swirling around in the mind of Sherry Kirk.Sherry’s primary art obsession is creating functional pottery. 

Readings, ritual supplies, homemade herbal remedies, crystals, talismans, tools for healing and sacred arts.

Sharon Knight

Drawing on imagery from fairytale and folklore, Sharon Knight creates in whimsical fantasy mermaids using water colors, colored pencils and pens, decoupage, and decorative papers.

Each and every item is inspired by the ultimate Divine Feminine - Mother Earth.   Everything is hand blended using the highest quality ingredients in small batches to ensure the magic stays present.

The first quest is for great design.  The second, superb craftsmanship. When you visit my booth, look for my hand made exotic costumes and custom designed jewelry.

For over 40 years Abby Willowroot has been creating sacred imagery for the Metaphysical community. That experience and the insight it brings have been woven into these amazing Tools of Transformation.