Vending at Hexenfest
Sept 28-Oct 1, 2017

If you'd like to bring you magical gifts, clothing, jewelry, products, or wares and be a Hexenfest Vendor, please fill out the following form and submit your payment for your booth. Booth space is limited to 13 Vendors, and we will be assigning spots on a first-come, first-served basis.

The booth fee for Hexenfest Vendors is $175 for the weekend. This includes one admission to the Festival and free camping in your booth. If you'd like to bring an assistant, you may do so for $50 per assistant. 

If you want more comfy accommodations, you may look at our Lodging options on the Tickets page, and add a dorm or hotel accommodation to your cart, then fill out the Vendor form, and submit your whole fee at once. You are also free to book your booth, then think about it and sign up for alternate lodging at another time, though these spaces are also first-come, first-served. 

You're welcome to bring a cooler with your own food, and we will have a microwave on site so you can heat things up, but no bbqs or hibachis are allowed onsite due to high fire risk. You will also be welcome to purchase a meal plan for the weekend if you want on the Tickets page. 

We are asking all Vendors to please donate one item valued at $20 or more (if you feel generous) when you arrive on site. These will go into our raffle. We also ask that you please help us publicize this event. If you are one of the Vendors for Hexenfest this year, we ask that you please share info in your social media about the event a minimum of twice per month from now through the end of summer, and at least once per week for the month of September. Thanks for doing your part to help this entire event be the best success it can be!

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Please, once you have filled out and submitted the form above, pay your Booth fee here to reserve your spot. You will receive an email confirming that your payment was received, and further information about your Vending space and other details will be sent to you this summer, as we get closer to Hexenfest.

Hexenfest reserves the right to reject any application that is not a good fit for our event. If you have paid a booth fee and we choose to reject your application, we will contact you and issue a refund. If you have any questions about whether your booth is a good fit for Hexenfest, please email Vendor Coordinator Yeshe at for more information.

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