General Policies and Rules:

1) Absolutely no fires! Due to the ongoing drought, and the very dry time of year, there is extreme fire danger.

2) Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. (The Parking Lot behind the Lodge will have lawn chairs and ash cans with water to minimize fire risk.)

3) Alcohol is permitted with discretion and use of your own drinking vessel. All legal substances (including vape pens) are permitted in outdoor areas only, with the exception of the Pool area, which is substance-free.

4) Campsites are limited to 4 people and one car each. Cars will be permitted to unload at campsites, then must park in a nearby designated area.

5) Children under 6 attend free. All children must be supervised at all times.

6) There is no lifeguard at Isis Oasis. All children in pool must be CLOSELY supervised by parents at all times!

7) Free, supervised child-friendly activities will be offered on Saturday during the musical performances so that parents can attend the concerts. However, these activities will not involve the pool or hot tub.

8) Pool and hot tub are clothing optional.

9) Isis Oasis is a zero waste zone. What you bring in, you must take out. Please bring a trash bag.

10) A meal plan will be available for an additional fee, with respect for diverse diets. Contact us if you have specific concerns. You may bring your own food, but there are no cooking facilities available, and no cooking is allowed at campsites. However, coolers and snacks are encouraged. You can replenish the ice in your cooler just down the road at the convenience store as needed. There will be a community microwave and water dispenser available where you can heat things up, make instant oatmeal, make tea or single-serve coffee, etc. There are also several excellent restaurants in town, a short walk from Isis Oasis.

11) No weapons other than a basic pocket knife or utility tool for use with camping gear. Ritual athames will be accepted, but need to be checked at registration.

12) Parking is limited. We encourage carpooling as much as possible. Fill up your cars with other friendly Pagans! Ride-shares can be organized in the Facebook group.

13) There is poison oak in a few areas on this property. Isis Oasis has eradicated it as much as possible, but be prepared to wash your arms and legs, as well as your childrens’ arms and legs, thoroughly with soap, after any romping through thick grasses.

14) You will be asked to sign a waiver of liability, and a photo release upon arrival. Photo release is so that we may use “face in the crowd” photos for future Hexenfest promotions. No specific photos will be taken without express consent.

15) Consent must be asked for and granted before taking anyone’s photo.

16) You will be asked to acknowledge your understanding of our policy on Diversity and Consent. 

17) Bathing: There are 5 showers and 7 toilets in the Lodge. There are two more toilets and an enclosed outdoor shower in the campground.  There are two more toilets in the dining hall. Facilities in the downstairs of the Lodge are specifically for Men and Women, as labeled. All other Facilities (upstairs in the Lodge, and at campground) are open to all genders.

18) There is very limited space for RVs. There are no RV hookups. Please contact Sharon directly if you want to bring an RV. Sharon’s email: sharonknight (at) gmail (dot) com.