Would you like the chance to win a Hexenfest camping pass for $25?

You now have that chance!

Introducing the Hexenfest raffle, running from Aug. 1st to September 1st.

Here’s the deal.

Hexenfest has moved to a much larger venue this year, having outgrown our home of the last three years, Isis Oasis. Our new home, Saratoga Springs Retreat Center, promises to be a space we can grow into over the longterm, and we are very excited to be partnering with them. Though we may be too large an event for Isis Oasis, we are not yet large enough to comfortably accommodate the financial commitment of Saratoga Springs on attendance alone.

Enter the Hexenfest raffle - a way for us to raise additional funds beyond just attendance, and a way for you to potentially win a GREAT deal on Hexenfest, while supporting this unique and fun event.

Each raffle ticket costs $25. You can buy as few or as many as you like. I will add all names to a hat as they come in, because I like it old school like that. On September 1st, when the raffle closes, I will draw one name for each $500 raised. My goal is $2500 and if we raise $5000 I will be ecstatic.

If you win, and aren’t able to attend, you can pay your ticket forward, donate it to our scholarship fund, or donate it to the general well-being of the festival. If you know you can’t attend, and just want to support the festival, we absolutely welcome that!

Proceeds from this raffle will really help us to bridge the gap as we grow into our new site. We believe an outdoor pagan gathering/music and arts festival is a great way to share time with our kin! There is nothing like this is Northern California and your support helps us to make it happen. Thank you!!